PUBG will return, new game will be launched for India, PUBG Mobile India

PUBG games are coming back to India. South Korean company PUBG Corporation has announced that the company will bring a new PUBG game to India, which may be launched soon. Its name will be PUBG Mobile India. PUBG’s new game will be completely free from Chinese investment and Chinese partnership. Information about this has been issued by an official press release from PUGB Corporation.

Indian player’s data will be full proof

According to the company, the new PUBG Mobile India gaming app users will be full proof in terms of data security. The company will follow the local regulations for data storage. Also, the company has said that there will be regular audit and verification of PUBG’s Indian player data. In this way the company will keep the data of the Indian player completely safe. Please tell that the PUBG Mobile game was banned from the Government of India only for the player data security.
Old games will not be able to be played after October 30

The company has announced that players will not be able to play PUBG games on the old PUBG mobile app from October 30. Till now Android and iOS users were able to access the pre-installed PUBG mobile game.

What will be new in PUBG Mobile India game

PUBG developers have said that the content of the new PUBG Mobile India game will also be improved. Also, the new PUBG games will be given a native touch. PUBG Corporation will set up a local office in India. Where about 100 people will get employment. Will be able to communicate Indian player with PUBG office people
Company will invest in Indian gaming industry

PUBG Corporation and parent company Krafton plan to invest around Rs 746 crore in India’s local video game, e-sport, entertainment and IT industries. Let us know that 116 apps, including PUBG Mobile, were banned in India by the Central Government in the month of September. After that these games were also removed from the Google Play Store and App Store.

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